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It has frequently been reported that at any given time there are twenty million Americans who are on some type of diet program to lose weight. After three to four decades of attempting all kinds of methods to lose weight, the situation has not improved but rather worsened. The reports (including one disclosed by CNN News, April 2,1992) indicated that despite attempts by many overweight people in America to eat less and to lose weight through various weight control programs, Americans as a whole are becoming heavier, one half of the population as opposed to one fourth just over ten/twenty years ago. In “Stop Dieting: Dieting Makes You Fat, ” Cannon and Einizig indicated that “the Americans eat 10% less, but weigh 14% more than their counterparts at the turn of the century.” In England, the Royal College of Physicians also reported that “there is a general trend for both men and women to become heavier and presumably fatter.” And this trend is also spreading to many major cities in the Third World as people become wealthier and can afford more processed foods with more sugar and animal fats. Just about any kind of program that is designed to help people lose weight entails the change and reduction of the intake of food. After a few weeks on most weight control programs, the continuous reduction of food intake often leads to an increasing focus on food in fantasies, thoughts, and even dreams. The longer one departs from highly refined, high fat, and high sugar foods, the stronger the physical need for junk food becomes. The usual desire for food is often accompanied by hunger pain, craving for sweets, and low metabolism. Some overweight persons who have successfully lost weight and kept it off, have to undertake excessive exercise programs. Many find that the rigorous exercise programs are too difficult to bear. That is why, nationally, only one of every ten overweight people succeeds using weight control programs or dieting regimes. The nine drop out after a few months though more recent reports indicate that the success rate is even lower than 10%.

Those who respond well to acupuncture treatments found that it was a very easy way to lose weight. Some say it is just “marvelous.” For those who respond to the treatment, they immediately encountered the following changes:

(1) There is a very clear reduction in appetite, making it easy for a person to control what and how much they want to eat instead of tackling a constant urge to eat.

(2) The person who responds to the treatment will not confront hunger pain as much as those on various diet programs. They will feel hungry at meal times but much less so.

(3) Perhaps the most amazing aspect of the treatment is an immediate reduction of the stomach’s capacity to hold food. As a result, one will quickly feel full or feel the same level of fullness and satisfaction with much less food. Mostly, the more overweight one is, the less food they need to feel full. Over eating will result in vomiting until the excess food is eliminated from the stomach. This situation of feeling full with less food will persist for a while though the length of time varies from person to person.

(4) Those who respond to the treatment will definitely experience a diminished craving for sweets and sometimes for other junk foods as well. After a successful treatment, sweets and junk foods become unappealing and unpalatable.

We had a mother and daughter came to us for weight control treatments some years ago. Both of them were over two hundred-fifty pounds and happened to respond very well to their treatments. When they came back the following week for follow-up treatments, they both complained that they could not eat chocolate cake anymore though there was nothing wrong with the cake or the ingredients they had used. It simply tasted “yuck.”

(5) There are those who respond to the weight control treatment, find themselves having more energy though they eat less. This is due to an additional treatment for increased metabolism if one is known to have low metabolism.

(6) When acupuncture is used to lose weight, exercise is not an essential part of the treatment though it does help. If you do not have enough time to do extensive exercise as some weight loss programs require, you can choose to do as much as you can or as little as you have time for. Exercise, however, is generally beneficial to everyone overweight or not.

Edward S. came to us for a weight control treatment in May of 1990. He had tried many weight control methods but successfully lost weight was always gained back. With acupuncture treatments, he not only lost weight, but he did so easily. In a letter to us, he wrote that his top weight had been 374 pounds. He went on to say that, “With your treatment for the past 18 months, I lost 105 pounds without starvation or hunger. After your second treatment I noticed a remarkable reduction in my appetite followed by no cravings for sweets at all. I now have the will power to push food away and even to pass it up when my friends at work were eating pizza and greasy chicken. Now I can eat a couple of slices or a two-piece dinner and am not having to go back for seconds.”

Whatever the method, people who seek to lose weight must maintain their regimens or they will certainly gain it back. There are those who are stuck in a constant cycle of losing and regaining weight. One author wrote, “I lost a thousand pounds in the last twenty years.” It is like a yo-yo game. Many people who face regaining weight also suffer from overweight depression and have no luck losing the weight again.

Weight control will require multiple treatments. A two year survey of two hundred patients treated for overweight problems in China revealed that the greater number of treatments received, the more stable weight loss can be expected.

The success of many weight loss groups also depend heavily on group support. Many nutritionists have also suggested organizing a small support group with the common interest to eat right and loss weight. Your support group should generally be made up of those who have the same problem you do. With this support group, you have a chance to share and learn from each others’ experiences.

Americans, through little fault of their own, happen to live in a highly industrialized country where they do not lack food but rather suffer from the abundance of it. Many nutritionists who point out that an overweight problem is the result of years of over consumption of meat, fat, simple carbohydrates, processed foods, sugar, and salt compounded by poor cooking methods like deep frying. This problem did not arise overnight and likewise cannot be easily or quickly solved. There is absolutely no shortcut, and to lose weight. The problem must be dealt with in reference to one’s total like style and eating habits. A complete understanding of the root of the problem is essential not only to provide knowledge to wrestle with the problem, but also incentive and willpower to maintain healthy eating habits and a new lifestyle. This will not only prolong one’s life but also give it a higher quality.