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"with His stripes we are healed." (Isaiah 53:5). By Puncture, we are well.

Acupuncturist has many years of verifiable operating experience.

ONLY uses disposable needles.

Also has multiple verifiable credentials.

Rates which are affordable and fair.

Offices have a friendly and caring staff.

Conveniently located in town.

Informed Acupuncture Patient Checklist:

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The use of acupuncture treatments to stop smoking is truly our expertise. In the past 25 years, we have literally helped thousands of smokers to quit and quit forever. Through word of mouth, we have drawn smokers not just from Texas, but also from every state in the USA. Many of those who came to us for treatments from out-of-state were heavily addicted smokers who had tried to quit but could not. We have helped thousands of smokers to break the habit in a very easy way. The treatments to quit smoking and weight control call for very shallow needle insertion, and therefore involves very little pain.

What this treatment can do for you is two-fold:

(1) The treatment removes the craving for cigarettes. For those who smoke one pack a day, there is generally a craving for cigarettes many times each day. With a successful treatment, the craving will disappear. Not only will there be no craving for cigarettes, but the physical tolerance toward nicotine be very low for several days. Smoking a cigarette immediately after the treatment will lead one to become miserably sick. The experience is similar to sea sickness or vomiting - unforgettable and highly unpleasant.

(2) After successful treatments, most patients will not be expect to encounter withdrawal symptoms such as: irritation, nervousness, depression, mental disorders, weakness, insomnia, constipation, diarrhea, dizzy spells, or headaches. However, some 20% of them will not escape some types of withdrawals.

When smokers are being treated, they will encounter one or more of these three changes in their mouths: (a) dryness, (b) metallic taste, and (c) morning mouth. A few years ago, one smoker came for treatment and experienced a very high level of metallic taste – more so than most people under the same treatment. After leaving he kissed his girlfriend and she quickly complained, “Gosh, what did you eat? Your mouth tastes yuck!” You know what happened? The girlfriend couldn’t smoke because it made her nauseated.

Average smokers can expect to quit smoking in just one or two treatments but those more heavily addicted will need booster treatments. In an article published by Reader’s Digest, an expert has “found cigarettes harder to give up than heroin or booze.” And a very low percentage of smokers who tried to quit did so successfully. In the past 25 years, not only have we helped thousands to quit but most of them found this method to quit very easy because we help to remove the two huge monkeys (the craving and the withdrawal) their back. This method is not only effective but also inexpensive.

Mr. Rhett (a barber) smoked five packs of cigarettes per day. Although he tried many methods to quit, none helped. Not only did he quit through us 15 years ago, some twenty smoking customers he sent to us have all quit except his wife who also came but did not make it.. How good is it to quit smoking? Georgia B. came to us for weight control treatments. We learned that it was February, 1983 that she came to us to quit her 4-pack a day smoking habit. Since then, she has never touched another cigarette. She told us that the money she has saved since quitting is about $20,000 and that she would save up to $100,000 more if she stays quit for 20 more years. But the most important reason for quitting is not the money. It is for your lungs, your health, and your life that you do so.

An article published in Dog World, June 1988 issue, page 89 tells a small part of the story why people come to our clinic from all over U.S.A.

"The most exciting of all the good things that took place over the Houston weekend for Marcia and me personally had, however, nothing to do with dogs themselves. Rather it was Marcia's visit to the Peking Acupuncture Clinic, which is located next to the Astrodome [now at a new location] - where the annual August Astro weekend of dog shows takes place. All her life - until now - Marcia has been a heavy cigarette smoker, and during the last few months has been seriously wanting to give up the habit. Marcia remembered how many of our friends and acquaintances have been successfully treated for their smoking habits by Dr. Tiong H. Ling and his wife Dr. Nancy T. Ling, Ph.D. So, an appointment was arranged to coincide with our stay in Houston, and on the morning of March 18, Marcia visited their office. The results have been fantastic. Marcia has neither craved nor smoked a single cigarette since the treatment session. We feel that something quite miraculous has happened. Only disposable needles are used. Consultations are free, and the telephone number is (713) 661-0346. This information is offered as a public service, especially for those who wish they could stop smoking but have not been successful on their own."

(Dog World Magazine. Maclean Hunter Publishing Corp. 29 North Wacker Dr. Chicago, Illinois 60606)