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"with His stripes we are healed." (Isaiah 53:5). By Puncture, we are well.

Acupuncturist has many years of verifiable operating experience.

ONLY uses disposable needles.

Also has multiple verifiable credentials.

Rates which are affordable and fair.

Offices have a friendly and caring staff.

Conveniently located in town.

Informed Acupuncture Patient Checklist:

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List of medical disorders treatable through Chinese Acupuncture/Herbal Remedy:

-Ear Nose & Throat-

Sinusitis / Sore Throat / Hay Fever / Earache / Nerve Deafness / Tinnitus / Dizziness


High Blood Pressure / Angina Pectoris / Arteriosclerosis / Anemia


Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) / Spastic Colon / Colitis / Constipation / Diarrhea / Food Allergies / Ulcers / Gastritis / Abdominal Bloating /


-Gynecological & Genitourinary-

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) / Irregular, Heavy or Painful Menstruation / Endometriosis / Menopause / Fibroids / Chronic Bladder Infection / Complications in Pregnancy / Morning Sickness / Kidney Stones / Impotence / Infertility in Men & Women / Sexual Dysfunction


Candida / Chronic Fatigue / Allergies / Lupus / MS / Hepatitis


Smoking Cessation / Drugs / Alcohol

-Emotional & Psychological-

Anxiety / Insomnia / Depression / Stress

-Musculoskeletal & Neurological-

Arthritis / Neuralgia / Sciatica / Back Pain / Bursitis / Tendonitis / Stiff Neck / Bell's Palsy / Trigeminal Neuralgia / Headaches and Migraines / Stroke / Cerebal Palsy / Polio / Sprains / Muscle Spasms / Shingles


Asthma / Emphysema / Bronchitis / Colds & Flus


Chemotherapy/Radiation Side Effects / Diabetes / Dermatological Disorders / Weight Control

My name is Hash Patel. I am an actor/comedian living in Los Angeles, California. I have lived out here for 4 years and realized that this is a health conscience city. So naturally, people don't smoke as much out here and I have been a smoker for 15 years. I know it's a bad habit but it's an addiction as well as a crutch in my industry caused by stress. I had tried to quit unsuccessfully many times with the pills and worked for a few days but nothing permanent. I went to a couple of acupuncture places in Los Angeles that boasted after only a handful of treatments i would EVENTUALLY quit. I quickly found out that was not true, because I found myself buying cigarettes right after the treatment. I went to Texas to visit my family for the holidays and I had been in a car wreck very recently. Doctors had given me weeks of physical therapy that was not helping the pain in my neck and back. A friend of mine suggested going to Peking Acupuncture for some relief, I went reluctantly. After the first treatment I realized that 60% of my pain was gone! Better than the weeks of therapy , that was marginal help at best. So I went a few more times, because it was also much much cheaper than my therapy bills and quicker. I noticed there was a map in the waiting room with a bunch of thumbtacks in it. I asked Dr. Ling what this was all about, he told me that the tacks represented people from all over U.S.A. that had come to him to quit smoking through acupuncture. I thought about how successful the treatment had been so far I thought ...why not I'm already here...let's try it. At this point I was smoking at least a pack and a half a day! After that ONE session I had no urge to smoke, I felt calm never cranky with mood changes even in stressful situations. I can say that I quit smoking in an hour!!! The best part about the whole thing that smokers use as an excuse to not quit was, I didn't gain weight while quiting. Dr. Ling does a special treatment in the quiting smoking part that keeps you from wanting to replace the smoking with eating. I eat normally now, actually better than when I was smoking but never overboard. This has to be the easiest and best way to quit smoking without going through mood and weight changes. Those are usually reasons I went back to smoking. I could never do cold turkey, I have tried almost everything reasonable to quit none of it worked. Since then I have recommended a few of my friends to this type of treatment and they said it was the easiest lifestyle choice they have made. If you have this problem or anything else call Dr. Ling, he can help you, plus he is a super nice person and has very interesting stories to tell.



I am a World War II veteran. The first day that I fired a rifle, I developed a ringing in my ears that sometimes became so loud that I could not hear myself . I had been to physicians over the years that had told me that there was no treatment for this condition. I became resigned to living with this condition. I came to Dr. Ling to be treated for a knee that had begun to bother me approximately 2 years ago in 2006. I had always been very active, walking between 3 to 5 miles everyday. This condition became so severe that I completely stopped walking. I went to an orthopedic surgeon who treated me with steroids initially and when that didn't work, I was asked to do surgery. I am eighty years old and surgery is is not an option that I was willing to consider. I drove up from the Rio Grande Valley (7 driving hours away) for acupuncture treatment with Dr. Ling. After the first session, I felt so much better that I could have gone home but I stayed to finish out the week. After 3 sessions the knee felt great. I am back to walking 3 miles a day and no discomfort. At my last knee session I mentioned the ringing in my ears that I had had for 62 years. One session and the ringing was greatly reduced. I returned one month later for a follow up on the knee and one more treatment for the ringing. The knee feels great and the ringing is 95% gone.

Thank you, Dr. Ling. I hope to walk for another 20 years.

Ruben Serna/Aug. 2008


“… I was in a great deal of pain and limping very badly when I first sought your help. I had the problem for quite a while and all the help I sought could not give me any relief. The first acupuncture treatment gave me much needed relief and enabled me to walk normally. In fact, I had taken the elevator up to your office and after your treatment, I walked down the stairs without the excruciating pain that I had before the treatment.” - R.J.M.









I had been suffering from lower back pain for 7 years. When the pain became unbearable some twenty years ago, I was then trying everything to get rid of it. I had two back surgeries, 2 years apart. Before the surgery, I had a lot of pain, I could not sleep well and had to use a cane to walk. The first surgery did not help. So I had a second back surgery, neither of which produced any relief or positive result. As I still had unbearable pain after two surgeries, my doctor suggested a third surgery. As I had lost faith in it, I did not want to have another round of surgery. The pain I encountered had made my life miserable. I was in agony, both physically and mentally. I was depressed and not knowing what to do: I was really down. I could not work, nor could I enjoy my children any more. Then I learned about acupuncture. I was in a desperate situation when I found Dr. Ling of Peking Acupuncture Clinic. After the first acupuncture treatment, I had so much pain relief that I began to feel hopeful for the first time in many years. After 5 treatments, most of the pain went away and I could move around much easier. After 10 treatments, not only could I walk without the cane, the pain was minimal. I continued to go for occasional treatments for 12 months. The results from acupuncture were for me a miracle. I could work again , play golf again and enjoy my family. It gave my life back to me again. After my experience with acupuncture I have recommended Drs. Ling to many who would listen to me, and they have had similar results. I strongly recommend acupuncture to anyone suffering from pain. - Marc Whitworth, conroe, TX, 2008

"The most exciting of all the good things that took place over the Houston weekend for Marcia and me personally had, however, nothing to do with dogs themselves. Rather it was Marcia's visit to the Peking Acupuncture Clinic, which is located next to the Astrodome [now at a new location] - where the annual August Astro weekend of dog shows takes place. All her life - until now - Marcia has been a heavy cigarette smoker, and during the last few months has been seriously wanting to give up the habit. Marcia remembered how many of our friends and acquaintances have been successfully treated for their smoking habits by Dr. Tiong H. Ling and his wife Dr. Nancy T. Ling, Ph.D. So, an appointment was arranged to coincide with our stay in Houston, and on the morning of March 18, Marcia visited their office. The results have been fantastic. Marcia has neither craved nor smoked a single cigarette since the treatment session. We feel that something quite miraculous has happened. Only disposable needles are used. Consultations are free, and the telephone number is (713) 661-0346. This information is offered as a public service, especially for those who wish they could stop smoking but have not been successful on their own." - (Dog World Magazine. Maclean Hunter Publishing Corp. 29 North Wacker Dr. Chicago, Illinois 60606)

“I was living in Chicago, working for a major company when I fell and fractured my left pelvis. Since then, severe pain developed in my back and leg. … One doctor recommended spinal surgery while another disagreed. … At first, the pain pills temporarily stopped the back pain but after two years, I discovered that the pills were no longer effective. One doctor told me that the nerve damage to my spine and leg were permanent, that there was nothing that could be done for me, and that I must learn to live with the pain.

“Around Labor Day of 1983, my back pain reached an intolerable point. I could not stand straight nor could I move around without being assisted. No pain pills could give any relief, I was completely ex-hausted, and I really felt I wanted to die… . I was assisted by my daughter and son-in-law to your clinic, to try another method to relieve my pain. … Most of the pain went away after the treatment and I could straighten my back and leave your clinic unassisted. When I came for the second treatment the following say, the pain was all gone, and I felt as though I had been reborn – the back pain was gone.” - E.M.

“Eight years ago I was diagnosed by seven different physicians with a ruptured and herniated disk and a displaced vertebra. All agreed that surgery was imminent. I was hesitant to proceed with surgery because my mother had endured several surgeries on her neck that resulted in no releif and additional painful side effects.

“ I arrived at your clinic at 7:00 a.m. on a Monday morning and I was in excruciating pain. I lay on the floor in front of your door until you arrived. After your examination and one acupuncture procedure, I walked out of your office with no pain of ill effects what so ever. I was completely relieved of all pain.

“I was very skeptical about the procedure at the time and I thought the pain would return after I left your office. You told me that it may take more than one procedure to completely eliminate the pain, but to date I have not had to return to you.” - L.L.G.

Clients of mine (husband and wife) who live in Denver, Colorado used Dr. Ling's method of acupuncture to quit smoking. I learned about Dr. Ling's technique through my son-in-law who works with this couple in Colorado. I went to Dr. Ling in Houston from Round Top, Texas and I quit smoking. Thereafter, my son who lives in Los Angeles, California also went to Dr. Ling and he quit last Christmas. To date, all of us are smoke-free! Dr.Ling's acupuncture is highly recommended by me for cessation of smoking. - Barbara, January, 2008

Dear Dr. Ling:

" I just want to write you this note to tell you how grateful I am for all you have done for me. I'd like to list them all for you so that you can share with other people about what acupuncture has done for me.

(1) Before I went to see you, I suffered a backache for 24 years. I tried everything I could but nothing had helped my backache. I remember I was having so much pain on the day I first visited you that my son had to help me into your office. But right after the first treatment, I had little pain left and I could walk away by myself without [a] problem. After I received two more treatments for my backache, all the pain was gone. It has been over a year now and I still have no backache. I am back fishing in my boat, riding my motorcycle and many things more.

(2) I received two weight control treatments from you and since then, I have lost 42 lbs and have maintained it.

(3) I had bursitis for 6 years and could not raise my elbows any higher than my shoulders. In one treatment, and within three days, I could and have since been able to raise my arms without pain, and as high as I like.

(4) I had constipation for at least a year and was using stool softener and other drugs. I have not used any drug since the treatments.

It was November of 1983 since I visited you last. I have been healthy and enjoy a good life. I [would] like to solicit for acupuncture for the good health of my fellow man.

Respectfully,"-W. M. Johnson

"I am a grocery store worker. In May of 1982, about one o'clock in the afternoon, I suffered a shoulder injury resulting from chasing and fighting with a shoplifter when I tried to recover thirteen pounds of meat [from him]. Because of the shoulder pain, I was receiving medical care constantly since the injury, but it went nowhere. Instead of getting better, it became worse.

After three months, my [right] shoulder problem spread to my right arm. At first, I had only numbness in my arm, then, about another three months later, I completely lost all feeling in my entire right hand except my palm. It reached a point [where] it was as if I didn't have a right arm at all. I could see it and touch it using my left hand, but there was no feeling. It was like dead weight. It was surreal. My right palm felt like it was floating in mid-air next to my body. It felt like my palm belonged to someone else. This feeling tormented me everywhere I went. Needless to say, my entire arm was not functional. My arm got worse and led my doctor to send me to the hospital just before Easter 1983. I spent one week in the hospital and the tests and treatments gave no relief. One of the three doctors suggested an operation on my [third to fifth] vertebrate. After a lengthy discussion with my wife, I decided against it at that point in time. There was nothing the hospital could do, so I was released. I was so depressed with my problem when my friend, Mr. Lee, introduced me to Dr. Ling.

When I came to see you, you gave me no assurance that my particular problem could be treated by acupuncture but [said] you would try. The first acupuncture treatment on April 18, 1983, gave no help at all and neither did the second treatment. Then, when the [third] treatment was shifted to my arm, the four needles inserted on my upper arm brought immediate results. I experienced, I would say, a 40% recovery of the feeling in my right hand during the treatment.

I had my best result during the sixth visit with a moxa heat treatment on my leg. During that treatment, about 80% of my lost feeling was recovered. After that, my recovery was speedy and steady. After about ten treatments, I had fully recovered. I am grateful to Dr. Ling for solving my problem, so I didn't need to have spinal surgery."-Paul Chan

It has been two years this past May since I had your treatment to stop smoking and I have never touched a cigarette since then despite associating with smokers daily. Thank you for making it possible for me to get rid of this nicotine habit. Pat Meriville

“For eight years I suffered ever increasing pain in my tail bone area. Because I was pregnant at the time, and had two more pregnancies within the next two years, my doctors decided the pain was pregnancy related. After all three children were born and the pain increased in severity, it was felt that the problem was a chronic inflammation of the tail bone and it was aggravated by all the lifting and carrying (of children) that I did. I was on Naprosyn anyway, so the dosage was increased. However, the drugs did not, in any way alleviate my pain. The pain attacks became more frequent and more severe. … my rheumatologist x-rayed the area and discovered that my tail bone does a sharp l-curve into my body, He referred me back to my orthopedic surgeon to remove my tail bone. My orthopedic surgeon refused to remove my tail bones as dangerous and pointless surgery. For both this pain and for internal gristle-like scar tissue under my ankle, he referred me to you.

“The ankle tissue, which my orthopedic surgeon’s only recourse was to surgically remove, was completely gone at the end of one treatment. There was unusual tenderness in the area for several days but since then there has been nothing - no scar tissue, no pain, no sensitivity.

“The one treatment for my tail bone has literally changed my entire life. For about 7-10 days after treatment, my entire tailbone area was quite sore and extremely sensitive. About two weeks after treatment, I had an attack that was just barely endurable. This was an exciting improvement. However the next three months or so, the attacks came less frequently and were of ever decreasing intensity. Now, almost 10 months later, the attacks occur only every four to six weeks and are so mild that I am only just aware of them. My life continues with no interruptions and no dread of the next attack.” - R.B.J.